Q’zine Gallery Sdn Bhd was formed in April 2007 specializing in the distribution of food service products. We have originally started out as an exclusive foodservice distributor of Aalst Chocolate Products, but now we quickly establish ourselves as a reputable supplier amongst our customers, not only as a trading company but a solution to our customer. We seek to add more products to our portfolio of foodservice products that will also cover Peninsular Malaysia as well as East Malaysia. We proudly distributing:-
1. Sosa- Modern Gastronomy
2. Backaldrin-The Kornspitz Company (TM)
3. Aalst Chocolate
4. La Morella Nuts,
5. Euro Vanille- France
6. Pruve-de Amsterdam,
7. Carma Massa Ticino Tropic
8. Demitasse Sugar Sticks
9. Solchimfood (Color Spray)
10.Vincon- Red & White Wine Replacement
11. So Good Magazined


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